Grim & Dysfunctional - even well before the 2014 crisis

A country that is locked in the 1920's. The Ukraine is dysfunctional to say the least. The road network is basically non-existent, what does exist is not much more than a series of potholes with occasional patches of asphalt surrounding them. The country is rife with corruption at all levels of society, politics and business. The legal system does not function other than to follow the whims of the political bosses. They straddle between wanting to be 'western' and being closer to Russia - until they crystallize their position and vote/act accordingly they will be in a perpetual state of limbo. That means they will not move forward economically, socially or politically while the world around them moves forward. They will continue to fall behind and find it more and more difficult to compete in the market and to pull themselves out of the darkness. Bottom-line as of now is that the country is a very sick patient not helping itself with any healing process. Prospects - grim.

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