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A bit about us

Bob is from Denver Colorado (via New York) and has had an interest in photography and letterpress printing from a young age; owning his own letterpress shop in the basement of the family home in New York during his teenage years.  In 1990 he took a 'flyer' from his work as VP Marketing at a Denver Broadband group and accepted a position at a start-up in Poland. From there it became what has become "the longest business trip in history". 20 years later he and his wife (and 1 cat - Kinga, Our beloved Bobby had to be put down in June 2016 and we remain crushed) continue to reside in Europe with a home in Europe and one in Denver. This provides exceptional photographic opportunities and the accessibility to travel the continent as they do on a regular basis. While residing in Europe since 1990, Bob has lived in Poland, London and Vienna, Austria and has visited every country in Europe (except Finland) and some in Central Asia. It all started with a captivating  business venture in Poland right after the Berlin Wall crumbled and has continued to this day. There has never been a dull moment.

Ewa is from the idyllic town of Sopot, Poland up north on the Baltic sea just down the road from Gdansk.

Many of our travels were in the 'pre-digital' age and as such we do not have images. Travels not shown were in: Turkey, Andorra, Russia, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Holland, Denmark, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Monte Carlo, San Marco, Switzerland, Lithuania & of course Greece (for Mahe Rellos Fotopoulos; you will always be Miki to me!)

We hope you will enjoy our photos and travel as much as we do. We look forward to any comments and thoughts you may have.

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Bob & Ewa