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England to be exact in this group

What can be said other than it is amazing. Bob lived in London (Hampstead) for about 3 years and had the opportunity to travel far and wide. Travels (pre digital camera) included: Scotland, Irish Republic, Northern Ireland, Wales and throughout England. The entire area is full of terrific history, sights and friendly people. They seem to speak a variant of English as well :). The provincial market towns and quaint villages will take one's breath away whether it is in the Cotswolds, Wales, Yorkshire or in places like St. Andrews or small villages in the 'Borders' area between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland and having a Guinness at a small smoky pub. London is a city that one can walk in every day and see something new and inspiring. Walking down Marleybone in the steps of Sherlock Holmes, visiting Hyde Park, wandering around SOHO, Chinatown, Covent Garden, 'The City' - it is too much to try to relate other than saying a few weeks (or years) in London and the UK is not enough.

Bob lived in an idyllic part of London called Hampstead. Paradise is the only word to use. Pubs, restaurants and a cleaner who charged $8.00 per shirt (ouch!) But, there were 10 pubs within a 5 minute walk, a crepe stand 20 meters away and everything one could imagine within a 5/10 minute walk.

One of the things I discovered in the UK is that every village and town has what would be considered to be one or more traditional 'Butcher Shops' - these guys often with bright smiling ruddy faces are the people who know everything about what's going on in town. They are always affable and very willing to engage in a good conversation (much like the American Barbers of the past. A great way to learn about the local scene. And fun to talk to.

We just wish there were digital cameras in the 1990's when most of our UK travel happened!