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Scanned prints

Pompeii Italy Scanned Prints. Very interesting to walk among the remains of buildings, people and household items. It is amazing to see how quickly the eruption must have overcome the town as some people were literally frozen in their tracks and covered with ash, mud and lava. The site of Pompeii is located in western Italy in a region called Campania, near the Bay of Naples. "On the morning of August 24th, 79 A. D. the volcano burst open with an earsplitting crack. Smoke, mud, flames and burning stones spewed from the summit of the mountain, sending a rain of ash and rock through the surrounding countryside. The mud seeped down the sides of Vesuvius, swallowing nearby farms, orchards and villas. Adding to the destruction were the mephitic vapors that accompanied the falling debris; the fumes first caused deliriousness in their victims, then suffocated them".