Up the Danube by Bike

From Vienna to Passau (DE) and South

500 Km Bicycle Ride. We took a bit of a bicycle ride from the Czech/Austrian border to Vienna then up the Danube to Passau Germany and around the Salzburg mountain and lake district in Austria. The adventure was an excellent one with great experiences with the highlight of seeing our dear friends in Vienna. The Wachau Valley along the Danube with it's vineyards, orchards and historic villages were delightful. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wachau) The lake district, in particular Mondsee where we stayed in the home of a dairy farming family was terrific. One of the interesting experiences was while biking through dairy country we stumbled upon a dairy where they had a milk machine built into the side of the barn dispensing 'right from the cow' cold milk and an 'automat' with home made cheese and yogurt. We did not have a container for the mild but the dairy farmer came out and gave us a couple of glasses to enjoy their milk. Yum!

We also fell in love with the wide variety of unpasturised wheat beers both light and dunkle (dark) a treat after a long day on the bike with some sausage and cheese.

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