Belgium & Germany

2 Great Places to Travel. We have spent significant time traveling all over Germany and Belgium. Belgium is a jewel with Brussels and Brugge as the centerpieces. Bob loves Germany in particular the central and southern areas. The industrial north is, well a bit gritty and industrial whereby the other portions are delightful. The Germans are very friendly people and hospitable. The photos below encapsulate our driving trip in 2003. Time was spent in the German/French Alsace region, the Mosel and Rhine river wine areas home of terrific white wines plus my favorite Piesporter. We stayed with a family in a wine maker's courtyard, rode bikes through the vineyards and grain fields. In addition we spent a wonderful time in Brussels and Brugge in Belgium with a short side trip through Luxembourg and Lichtenstein.

We generally stay in small pensions or B&B's which give us more of the flavor of the locale. The key for us is to always travel 'off season' typically before or after European schools start or let out and hang around the house in the high season. In that manner we avoid the traveling hoards and can travel at will without reservations and stop when and where we want.

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