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Living in Vienna's Old Quarter & Travels

These are pictures from our time in Austria. We spent 3 wonderful years living deep in the heart of Vienna's old district. It was paradise; it is truly Europe's Imperial City' in all ways. We made a number of very good friends in Vienna. In particular Bob had a favorite pub just 50 meters from our front door and had many great friends there, most importantly the pub owner Kristina and the crew from the  Stammtisch where endless hours were spent in delight. Our friends Ewa & Peter, Kevin & Charlotte, Fran├žois &  Brigitte (RIP) (whom we shared a roof top garden with enjoying many BBQ's and red wine with), Rainer, Bernd, Akram and others made life enjoyable and fun.

We loved the people, the city, the country - We have nothing but positive things to say about Vienna.