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US West Coast and Redwoods

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Fall 2014 saw a road journey down the rocky and steep cliff lined winding road ways of the Oregon and California Coastlines. Seeing the sunset to the west on the Pacific Ocean is a terrific experience. In addition, there were many highlights - the 2,000 year old towering Redwood trees and Sequoia trees iare a sight to behold. These are the oldest living things in the world today. Standing at the base of these behemoths is awe inspiring. In addition we ventured into Yosemite National Park in California which has some of the most beautiful mountains and rock faces imaginable. El Capitan in the park soars over 300 meters high and standing at the base looking up the sheer wall is spectacular. Half Dome which you will also see below rises over 1400 meters off the valley floor - gorgeous and breath taking. We were lucky enough to run across a few black bears, deer and elk while in the park.

Also, on the way we spent a night in a lovely B&B in a town called Calistoga right in the heart of the famous Napa Valley wine region. As it was Autumn the grape harvests were underway and some of the older vines had already began to show their color.We met truly local characters in many locations. In Northern California we ran into 2 grizzled organic farmers plying their fruit and veg and we had a good chat and enjoyed some samples of 'lemon tomatoes' and a variety of other heirloom varieties. In Oregon we happened by a sort of farmer's market where a guy was barbecuing beef ribs. Ewa had her first taste and liked it, now we plan to see if we can talk a local butcher into getting some for us. Ewa also had her first bowl of clam chowder in a fishing village on the Oregon coast and proclaimed it 'quite good'.