'Dutch Windmill, 1986. 

''Going in At the Front', 2018. 

'Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science, 2015. 

'Leominster Town Hall, 2001.

Preliminary working sketch in pencil - 
 'Going in at the Back. The Iranian Embassy Siege, 1980. 2017. 

Since their inception in WWII, Special Forces have used submarines as one of their methods of infiltration. Derwent Graphic pencils F through H and H4 to B9, and pastel indigo on A4 copy paper.

Sukiennice, Krakow, Poland 2017. Private sale.

The Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm submachine gun, certainly the finest weapon of its kind in the world in all the ways that count, ie, simplicity, reliability and accuracy.​

Muranow, Warsaw 2017.

Old Town Market Square, Gdansk. Pastel crayon and pencil on 200gm cartridge paper.

St Paul's Cathedral, London 2017. 

Block Images

The first 4 pieces are the beginning of Peter's Regiment/Military series 

Jungle house, Borneo 2016.

Peter Whyte-Venables

Harley Davidson motorcycle engine, 2017.  

Palace of Culture and Science - Warsaw

Signed limited prints of all images below are available at very reasonable prices: £15, $19, €16 and 73PLN (Includes packing and shipping).   Kindly contact Peter for more information.  petevenables@gmail.com, (+48) 538 416 665

Concentrating on pencil and pen & ink focusing mainly on architecture, Peter Whyte-Venables began drawing in 1985.

His initial commissions were from Prince Charles, Princess Michael of Kent, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford (of Genesis), Gladiator star Oliver Reed, ITN presenter Sandy Gall, and Hannibal Lector actor Anthony Hopkins (plus a few others only those Brits of a certain age would recognise, such as BBC newsreader Sue Lawley and BBC R1 presenter Simon Bates).

Typically he draws to order - everyone has their own favourite building, whether it's a palace they visited on holiday or the church in which they got married or even their own home.  Peter has just embarked upon a collection of buildings of Jewish significance, initially in Warsaw, but eventually to include other Polish cities.

He is currently working on a portrait of Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science, commissioned by a client in New Zealand, and a scene from Warsaw's Praga district for a Polish client.

Peter is always pleased to discuss your ideas and needs. Feel free to contact Peter on petevenables@gmail.com, (+48) 538 416 665, or visit his page on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/pwhytevenables/

The majority of drawings  are A3 size with the others a more manageable A4. Both sizes are the same price:  £100/ 115 Euro/ US$130/ 480 PLN . [Prices include post and packing as necessary].

'Louhans, La Bresse, France 2006. 

'ul. Freta 16, Nowe Miasto, Warsaw, birthplace of Marie Sklodowska-Curie, now a museum'.

An SAS 'Pink Panther' Landrover of 1970's vintage, typical of those used during 'Operation Storm' in Dhofar. Modern Special Forces vehicles bear little relation to these early pilgrims. Right is 'Night Time View'

'Restaurant in Colmar, Alsace, France 2015. 

'Artist's Home, 2016.